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CAPACITY - 50 GMS. - 250 GMS.

R & D Model Automatic Coating Systems for coating of various batch capacities of pharmaceutical tablets have been manufactured by NEOMACHINE for a long time. However, during the last few years due to changing scenario, some of the API being very costly making formulation development work also becoming more and more costlier which in turn are affecting the formulation development in a cost effective way.

Keeping this in mind, Neomachine have now developed an unique R & D Model having smallest batch capacity of only 50 GRAMS which will be very helpful for formulation development work in laboratories.

This Model which is called NEOCOTA MINIMAX is identical in design and construction to the higher capacity R&D machines and even the machines used for commercial scale production so that the scale up to the pilot plant batch and subsequently to commercial scale can be easily done. We hope that this particular Model will find wide acceptance to the formulation development scientists in this country and also globally.


The vital parameters of this Model is given below for your ready reference :






1. Approximate Working Capacities (Depending on Tablet shape and Powder density) 50 gms. to 100 gms. & 150 gms. to 250 gms.
2. Pan Diameter 200 mm & 225 mm
3. Pan Mouth Diameter 125 mm
4. Pan Speed (variable) 5 - 34 RPM
5. Pan Drive Motor (Flame-proof) 0.25 HP, 415 V, 3 Ph, 50 Hz, A.C. Supply, 1360 RPM
6. Material of Construction Pan, Baffle and Liquid Vessel Hot Air Plenum, Sink & Filter Cabinet S.S. 316L
S.S. 304
7. Overall Dimensions 1000mm L x 800mm W x 1500mm H
8. Exhaust Fan Flow Rate 75 CFM at 75 mm of W.C.
9. Hot Air Fan Flow Rate 60 CFM
10. Hot Air Temperature
(Steam Pressure at 3 to 5 kg./cm2)
20° C - 90° C
11. Hot Air Blower Motor (Flame-proof) 0.25 HP, 415 V, 3Ph, 50Hz, A.C. Supply, 2780 RPM
12. Exhaust Blower Motor (Flame-proof) 0.25 HP, 415 V, 3Ph, 50Hz, A.C. Supply, 2780 RPM
13. Electrical Heater 1.5 KW
14. Power consumption 1.5 KW. Exccluding Heater
15. Power consumption 3 KW.